Vision Statement

First United Methodist Church (MTV) is an agent of change; for our city, the church, and those who are seeking, or already growing in, real and abundant life. MTV puts love into action and shares the Good News of Jesus Christ with all people. We will create a multi-cultural and multi-generational church filled with faithful, discipled Christians by offering dynamic teaching and worship in plain language. MTV is focused on the practical application of God’s Word for daily lives.

Mission Statement

MTV exists to connect people to Christ, equip disciples for the real world, and create a culture of love and service in Jesus’ name.

Our Core Values

Welcoming: We are a welcoming church and will show hospitality to everyone who enters our door because we love them and believe that God loves them and knows them by name.

Relationships: A meaningful and full life is grounded in strong relationships. We are here to enjoy God and enjoy one another. We value authentic relationships founded in love and relying on grace. Life happens… and so we need strong relationships with God and with each other.

Family: We are a multi-generational church, sensitive to the needs of all family members. From infants to seniors, we will offer engaging, uplifting opportunities for worship and growth.

Outreach: We are an outwardly focused church believing that God has placed us in this community for a reason. We seek to make a difference by serving our community in practical ways.

Love: As recipients of God’s grace and love, we will share that same grace and love with others. We love all people. We welcome all people unconditionally, and look forward to God’s great work in their lives.

Integrity: As we witness for Christ, we will hold ourselves and one another accountable to be consistent with a Biblical standard of ethics and morality by continually pursuing holiness of heart and life.

Worship: God alone is worthy of our worship. We will worship Him in spirit and in truth, both as the body of Christ and as individuals. Out of our great love for God, we will present ourselves every day as living sacrifices to our Lord and Savior.

Prayer: We cover everything we do in prayer, and emphasize prayer as a foundational ministry of the church, seeking God’s guidance in all things and circumstances. We are devoted to passionate prayer so that we may glorify God, come to know Him better, and enjoy the benefits of His presence and power.

Biblical Truth: We are convinced that God has not left us only to the guidance of our own reason, but has revealed absolute Truth in Scripture as the authoritative Word of God for us to believe and live out.

Missions: We will make the gospel fully known, wherever God calls us, through service to all people by word, deed, signs and wonders in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Redemption: We are committed to ministries that redeem lives and relationships. It is the freely given, unearned grace of Jesus Christ that redeems and restores all who call on His name as Lord and Savior.

Spiritual Growth: At the basis of all of our ministries is a desire to see lives transformed as people become more devoted followers of Jesus. We believe spiritual growth is an intentional, multi-faceted, and lifelong process. We are committed to personal devotion, small groups, transparency with one another, and the application of Biblical truth so that we may become more Christ-like in character. The more we know God…the more we serve God…the more we grow.